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Please Donate to Give Barbara McNair A Star on the Walk of Fame!

This is from the admirers of Barbara McNair who feel she deserves a Star on the Walk of Fame because of her many accomplishments in film, television, theatre, the recording industry and charitable organizations.

What We Need and What You Get

The cost of a Star on the Walk of Fame is currently $30,000. All funds will go toward obtaining a star on the walk of fame. If we do not reach our goal by the end of this campaign it will be held in trust for the same campaign for 2016. Our perks are still a work in progress as we collaborate with our nominee in ways to show appreciation to our contributors.

The Impact

Our organization has successfully raised money for children's charities - Make A Wish, The American Cancer Society, and many more, since 1998. Our nominee has been a substantial reason for our success.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize not everyone can financially contribute....Please help us spread the word so that our nominee may finally get her much deserved Star on the Walk of Fame.

And that’s all there is to it.

The Process of Getting a Star

Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a tricky thing. Most major Hollywood Studios have the clout and money behind them to make it happen. Without a film studio behind an effort, it is more difficult. Here's the process:

(1) The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decides who does and does not receive a star on the Walk of Fame

(2) The HCC has a nomination process open every year and, from all applications received, they select only a limited number (we believe 12) for induction into the Walk of Fame each year.

(3) We are in the process of filling out the nomination form for 2015 and will submit it before the deadline; however, we must have the full induction fee at that time in case Barbara is chosen (and why wouldn't she be?!) for induction. So it is vital that everyone who can contribute to do so as soon as possible so that we can meet the financial goal and get her the star she very much deserves!

(4) There is the possibility our nomination of Barbara could be declined for 2016, in which case the nomination will roll over for consideration for 2017.

Barbara McNair gave her all to the world, she was an accomplished Author, Actress in Film, Television, Broadway and she was also a Recording Artist for many different labels. Her last wishes were to "Keep Her Spirit Alive" through her film and music, in order to positively inspire the "Children of Today".

BIO: Barbara McNair (March 4, 1934 – February 4, 2007) was an American singer, actress, author and model. Born Barbara Jean McNair in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, Barbara McNair studied music at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Her big break came with a win on Arthur Godfrey's TV show Talent Scouts, which led to bookings at The Purple Onion and the Cocoanut Grove. She soon became one of the country's most popular headliners and a guest on such television variety shows as The Steve Allen Show, Hullabaloo, The Bell Telephone Hour, and The Hollywood Palace, The Ed Sullivan Show, while recording for the Coral, Signature, Motown, and TEC Recording Studios labels. Among her hits were "You're Gonna Love My Baby" a song written for about Nephew that she raised, to give his mother the courage and faith to go on after tragedy hit, and "Bobby" her first hit single. In the early 1960s, McNair made several musical shorts for Scopitone, a franchise of coin-operated machines that showed would be considered the World’s First Music Videos, as they were the forerunners of today's music videos.

In 1967 Barbara McNair traveled with Bob Hope to Southeast Asia to perform for U.S. troops during the Vietnam War along with Raquel Welch, Elaine Dunn, Phil Crosby and 1967 Miss World Madeleine Hartog Bell. She said on stage that Hope talked her into going on the tour by promising her she'd get to meet royalty. "He let me walk his dog Prince," she joked. Among the songs she sang was an slowed-down, emotional version of "For Once in My Life."

Barbara McNair's acting career began on television, guest starring on series such as Dr. Kildare, The Eleventh Hour, I Spy, Mission: Impossible, Hogan's Heroes and McMillan and Wife, The Carol Burnett Show, The Flip Wilson Show, The Sonny &; Cher Show and most all musical variety shows in her time. McNair posed nude for Playboy in the October 1968 issue. She caught the attention of the movie-going public with her much-publicized nude sequences in the gritty crime drama If He Hollers Let Him Go (1968) opposite Raymond St. Jacques, then donned a nun's habit alongside Mary Tyler Moore for Change of Habit (1969), Elvis Presley's last feature film. She portrayed Sidney Poitier's wife in They Call Me Mister Tibbs! (1970) and its sequel, The Organization (1971), and George Jefferson's deranged ex-girlfriend Yvonne in The Jeffersons (1984).

McNair's Broadway credits include The Body Beautiful (1958), No Strings (1962), and a revival of The Pajama Game (1973).

McNair starred in her own 1969 television variety series The Barbara McNair Show, one of the first black women to host her own musical variety show. The show, which was produced in Los Angeles CA. and Canada by CTV (at CFTO/Toronto) lasted three seasons in first-run syndication in the United States until 1972, at the time she married Frederick Andrew Manzie (Rick Manzie). Manzie managed Barbara McNair and produced the show with Burt Rosen, they formed ABR Entertainment and the rights to the show are owned by the Manzie - Thomas Family. The show starred A-list guests including Tony Bennett, Sonny and Cher, The Righteous Brothers, Johnny Mathis, Freda Payne, Mahalia Jackson, Della Reese, The Cowsils, Lou Rawls, Rich Little, B.B. King, Ethel Waters, Debbie Reynolds, Lionel Hampton and many more entertainers that became superstars.

Her recordings included The Livin' End, The Real Barbara McNair, More Today Than Yesterday, Broadway Show Stoppers, Love Talk, Here I Am, A Movie Soundtrack If He Hollers, Let Him Go, I Enjoy Being a Girl, and The Ultimate Motown Collection, a two-CD set with 48 tracks that include her two albums for the label plus a non-album single and B-side and an entire LP that never was released, and her final release Here's To Life.

Into her seventies, Barbara McNair resided in the Los Angeles area, playing tennis and skiing to keep in shape on a regular basis and touring on occasion. She died on February 4, 2007, of a scull based tumor, in Los Angeles, survived by her husband Charles Blecka, Sister Jaquline Gaither, Niece Angela Rosenow, and the Nephew of her late Husband Frederick Manzie, John Thomas and his family.

Quite frankly, One of the world’s most stunningly dynamic, talented and beautiful singers, who has achieved International Fame not only as a Singer, but also as a Movie & Television Star, Night Club Entertainer in combination with multiple appearances on Broadway which lead to a Series of International Tours.

Barbara had mastered a rare combination of creative talents. A lady who put forth the effort to make everything she did a work of art. Barbara, alone, was a work of art, who won the title of being the First Black Woman numbered among the world's 10 most Beautiful Women by the "International Society of Cosmetologists".

Miss McNair was that unique phenomenon: a natural performer with an emotional depth. To have known this lady or watch her perform, your heart would have been touched forever.

It is evident, Barbara has "Done it All" from international Singing, Recording, Major Motion Pictures, Television, Broadway and Her own Television show "The Barbara McNair Show". Authoring a book, and also performing in multiple charity events.

In the beginning with a secretarial job to support her, Barbara started going out on free auditions at a variety of New York Night Clubs. Persistence paid off when Max Gordon of "The Village Vanguard" offered her a job. Soon after she had an agent, she was tagged for a week’s stint on the Arthur Godfrey Show and was receiving fan mail by the scores. The Purple Onion in New York proved to be the turning point in her career, Barbara swept the then part time secretarial job out the door. From there she began her road to "Headliner" in many of the country's most Prestigious Nightclubs such as The Persian Room at New York's Plaza Hotel, The Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, and most of the major hotels in Las Vegas. Barbara made her Broadway Debut in the Harnick-Back musical "The Body Beautiful". Though short lived, this musical won her a great deal of critical acclaim, and soon she was hostess of her own Television Show, "Schaffer Circle" and had a Hit Record "Bobby" with Coral Records. She has subsequently recorded with Signature, Coral, MoTown Records and TEC. Barbara has performed in two stage productions with Nat King Cole, Touring in "I'm with You", and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in "The Merry World of Nat King Cole".

Barbara also starred in "No Strings" with Richard Kiley, then on a National Tour with Howard Keel, and appeared on Broadway in Pajama Game opposite Hal Linden. Barbara has also appeared in Berlin in "Sophisticated Ladies", a Celebration of the Music of Duke Ellington who she knew well and admired. She starred in the original cast of "Four Girls Four", opposite Rosemary Clooney, Margret Whiting, and Rose Marie. Barbara's straight dramatic roles include "The Eleventh Hour", "Mission Impossible", "Vegas" , "The Jefferson's", "Helltown", "The Redd Fox Show", and "Snoops", to mention a few.

Barbara's Silver Screen Appearances included: "IF He Hollers ~ Let Him Go!!!", with Raymond St. Jacques, "Stiletto", with Alex Cord, "Venus in Furs", which became a cult classic, with James Darren, "Change of Habit", with Elvis Presley, which was the last movie he starred in. Two movies with Sidney Portier, "They Call me Mr. Tibbs" and "The Organization". Barbara also had a re-occurring role on the Soap Opera, "General Hospital", and her own Hit Musical Variety Show "The Barbara McNair Show".

As is evident, Ms. McNair has done it all and we would like to Honor her with a Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Barbara gave the World her Music, Style, Elegance, Grace and Her Beauty. The most important part of this campaign is to Follow Her Last Wishes to "Positively" Inspire the Children of Today. She Believed in Peace, Love, and Kindness to All Mankind...

> Honor Barbara McNair With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame




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