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You're Gonna Love "Barbara McNair"

Quite frankly,  One of the worlds most stunningly dynamic, talented and beautiful singers, who has achieved International Fame not only as a Singer, but also as a Movie & Television Star, Night Club Entertainer in combination with multiple appearances on Broadway which lead to a Series of International Tours. 

Barbara has mastered a  rare combination of creative talents.  A lady who puts forth the effort to make everything she does a work of art. Barbara, alone, is a work of art, who has won the title of being the First Black Woman numbered among the world's 10 most Beautiful Women by the "International Society of Cosmetologists".

Miss McNair is that unique phenomenon: a natural performer with an emotional depth. To know this lady or watch her perform, will touch your heart forever.

It is evident, Barbara has "Done it All" from international Singing, Recording, Major Motion Pictures, Television, Broadway and Her own Television show "The Barbara McNair Show".
With a secretarial job to support her, Barbara started going out on free auditions at a variety of New York Night Clubs.


Persistence paid off when Max Gordon of "The Village Vanguard" offered her a job. Soon after she had an agent, she was tagged for a weeks stint on the Arthur Godfrey Show and was receiving fan mail by the scores.


The Purple Onion in New York proved to be the turning point in her career, Barbara swept the then part time secretarial job out the door. From there she began her road to "Headliner" in many of the country's most Prestigious Nightclubs...


The Persian Room at New York's Plaza Hotel, The Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, and most of the major hotels in Las Vegas.


Barbara made her Broadway Debut in the Harnick-Back musical "The Body Beautiful". Though short lived, this musical won her a great deal of critical acclaim, and soon she was hostess of her own Television Show, "Schaffer Circle" and had a Hit Record "Bobby" with Coral Records.


She has subsequently recorded with Signature and MoTown Records. Barbara has performed in two stage productions with Nat King Cole, Touring in "I'm with You", and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in "The Merry World of Nat King Cole".


Barbara also starred in "No Strings" with Richard Kiley, then on a National Tour with Howard Keel, and appeared on Broadway in Pajama Game opposite Hal Linden.


Most recently Barbara has appeared in Berlin in "Sophisticated Ladies", a Celebration of the Music of Duke Ellington.


Barbara's straight dramatic roles include "The Eleventh Hour", "Mission Impossible", "Vegas" , "The Jefferson's", "Helltown", "The Redd Fox Show", and "Snoops", to mention a few.


Barbara's Silver Screen Appearances include:
"IF He Hollers", with Raymond St. Jacques, "Stiletto", with Alex Cord, "Venus in Furs", with James Darren, "Change of Habit", with Elvis Presley, and two movies with Sidney Portier, "They Call me Mr. Tibbs" and "The Organization".


Barbara has also had a re-occurring role on the Soap Opera, "General Hospital", and her own Hit Musical Variety Show "The Barbara McNair Show".


As is evident, Ms. McNair has done it all and continues to have a rich and rewarding career.
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Barbara McNair
Singer, Nightclub Entertainer & Star of Motion Pictures & Television, Barbara McNair is a creative human being who puts forth the effort to make everything she does a work of art.

She wrote the Book on Beauty...
Barbara herself is a work of art, being the first black women numbered among the Worlds 10 Most Beautiful Women by the International Society of Cosmetologists, Barbara rose from small supper clubs to the most famous night clubs of the nation, and her roles in musical and dramatic television are critically acclaimed.



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