Horseback Riding with Barbara

Rob Edwards ~ I’ll never forget the times we went horseback riding on Mt. Charleston outside Las Vegas at my cousins riding ranch. She was so sweet and a true star in my eyes. She was a great singer, entertainer and actress… and so down to Earth. R.I.P. my friend. I still think of you at times and thank you for making such a positive impression on me. I suspect John Thomas started up this FB account in Barbara’s name and memory. If so, thanks John as I know how much she meant to you, Rob Edwards.


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  • Barbara McNair
    Rob Edwards Hello Rob,
    You guessed right, This is Johnnie, and also Angela is now involved (Barbara’s Niece). We are currently working on two new websites for Barbara. &, There you can become a part of her Blogs, comment or share pictures or any experiences you have had with Barbara. We would gladly make you a part of her official website and share your stories and pictures so the World can see. We are following Barbara’s last wishes to keep her spirit and music alive for future generations to experience her Music & Film work. We have a lot of unreleased Music of Barbara and plan to release a lot more. In order to correct the public opinion on some of the past experiences that Barbara went through in life, we will be adding more personal parts of her life that she always tried to correct throughout her lifetime achievements that she was not credited for and also some of her personal battles that she tried so hard to correct in life. She has passed a lot down to us, (her family) to try to always protect her image and also the image of her third husband. We hope you appreciate the beginning of our work.
    As always, we wish you the best Rob and we also admire all the work you have accomplished in the film industry…
    John Thomas (Barbara’s Nephew), and Angela Rosenow (Barbara’s Niece).

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