Barbara McNair ~ If He Hollars, Let Him Go!

May 17, 2012
Coolridge Perkinson (Original) John Thomas (Remaster)
Barbara McNair & Coolridge Perkinson
TECaid Recording Studios Co, Inc.
Producer: Coolridge Perkinson (Original) John Thomas (Remaster)
Number of discs: 1

Barbara McNair sings with robust strength against the Coolridge Perkinson Orchestra which is quite a challenge for any ordinary singer, but not hard for Barbara as she has mastered her Vocal Art in this amazing remastered music composed for the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “If He Hollars, Let Him Go!”. Barbara’s voice is stunning, and here you will find her with her lifetime friend Coolridge Perkinson, one of the Greatest African American Composers of the 20th century. The last song on this wonderful musical composition is a combination of Barbara’s Vocal Talent, Coolridge Perkinson’s (Barbara called him Perk), Orchestra Instrumental & Perk’s Guitar Instrumental all combined to give you the full effect of how Music of the 60’s can really move you.

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