Barbara McNair ~ Motown From The Vault 1966-1969

March 4, 2021
John Thomas
Barbara McNair
Motown - TECaid Recording Studios Co, Inc.
Producer: John Thomas
Number of discs: 1

Barbara McNair

Motown From The Vault


Berry Gordy Signed Barbara on to the Motown Label in an attempt to crack the MOR Market. History has proved that Berry was correct again when Barbara’s Beauty and Vocal Abilities won over the white MOR Audience with her Sultry Voice and Much-vaunted Beauty. Little did Motown know that McNair would in fact produce some of the Label’s Most Soulful Moments as well as Some Now-Legendary Northern Soul Tracks. Barbara is a Motown Lovers favorite and an Anthology of Miss Barbara McNair’s Magic has been requested by Fans The World Over for many years now.

In this Compilation you will hear 11 Motown Songs that Barbara was recorded on where she sings with that Motown Beat that at the time were locked in The Motown Vault and were never released until now.


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