Sonny & Cher sing A Medley of songs, Live on The Barbara McNair Show

Live from the original master footage of The Barbara McNair show back in 1970, ABR Entertainment is providing you with a digitally remastered film of Sonny & Cher singing A Medley of Music including “The Beat Goes On”, “Little Man”, “All I Really Want To Do”, “Sing C’est La Vie”, “I Got You Babe”, and they end with “The Beat Goes On”.
Additional music intros were created by John Thomas, “The Beat Goes On” in the intro and ending credits.
Originally filmed at CBS Television Network, at Television City, 7800 Beverly Blvd. Hollywood, California. Live on The Barbara McNair Show, February 15, 1970.
About the Music: Sonny Bono wrote “The Beat Goes On”, “Little Man”, “I Got You Babe” and was one of three co-writers for the song “Sing C’est La Vie”. The Other two writers that worked along with Sonny were, Charles Greene & Brian Stone.
The song was first released in 1965. “Sing C’est La Vie” is the French term for “That’s Life”. The Song “All I Really Want To Do’ was written by Bob Dylan.
The intro and ending credits song “The Beat Goes On” was sung by John Thomas and made especially for his Aunt, Barbara McNair’s Official Web Site,
It is really true, The Beat does go On & On.
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